Paralegal Support Services for Attorneys and Law Firms 


We now officer full litigation support: E-filing and Process Serving for your convenience:

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Deposition and Medical Summaries

  • Prepare deposition transcript summaries

  • Prepare medical chronologies

 Discovery, document production and depositions

  • Preparing discovery responses:  Interrogatories, Request of Admissions, and Document Production
  • Drafting, analyzing, and finalizing pleadings, motions, discovery, responses, settlements, and more

Trial prep

  • Preparing trial and exhibit notebooks​

Customized services are available

ABA Model Guide for the Use of Paralegals - Click Here for the Full Guide

Information for Lawyers: How Paralegals Can Improve Your Practice

How would a paralegal improve my practice's bottom line?

  • Paralegal time can be billed out separately to your clients, and at lower rates.
  • Paralegals can be paid less than an attorney, yet handle many tasks (under an attorney's supervision) that would otherwise be performed by an attorney.
  • The paralegal staff can be a profit center for your practice.